Working papers

How to decompose the R². Last version from January 2018.

Beyond the Stars. Last version from December 2017

Fighting for Votes: Theory and Evidence from Burundi. Last version from October 2017

Development economics

Interest Rate in Savings Groups: Thrift or Threat?
With Maité le Polain, and Marthe Nyssens (2017)
World Development, forthcoming.

From Civil War to Electoral Violence. Evidence from Burundi.
With Andrea Colombo and Olivia D’Aoust
Economic Development and Cultural Change (2017), forthcoming.

Who Benefited from Burundi’s Demobilization Program?
With Olivia D’Aoust and Philip Verwimp
The World Bank Economic Review (2016), lhw033.

Who Benefits from Customary Justice? Rent seeking, Bribery and Criminality in sub-Saharan Africa.
With Olivia D’Aoust
Journal of African Economies (2016), 25(3), 439-467.

Health economics

The Moral and Fiscal Implications of Antiretroviral Therapies for HIV in Africa.
With Sir Paul Collier
Oxford Economic Papers (2018), forthcoming.

Allocation of development assistance for health: is the predominance of national income justified?
With Max Roser, Mthuli Ncube, and Stefan Thewissen
Health Policy and Planning (2018), 33(suppl 1), i14-i23.

What Goes Wrong with the Allocation of Domestic and International Resources for HIV?
Health Economics (2017), forthcoming.

Rethinking international and domestic financing for HIV in low and middle income countries.
With Richard Manning
Development Policy Review (2017), forthcoming.

Financing the HIV response in sub-Saharan Africa from domestic sources: moving beyond a normative approach.
With Michelle Remme, Mariana Siapka, Mthuli Ncube, Charlotte Watts, and Anna Vassall
Social Science & Medicine (2016), 169, 66-76.

Natural Resources and the Spread of HIV/AIDS: Curse or Blessing?
Social Science & Medicine (2016), 150(2), 271-278.

From Death Sentence to Debt Sentence.
With Sir Paul Collier and Richard Manning
Finance & Development (IMF) (2015), 52(4), 28-31.

HIV/AIDS and Fatalism: Should Prevention Campaigns Disclose the Transmission Rate of HIV?
Journal of African Economies (2014), 23 (1), 53-104.

Why are Testing Rates so Low in Sub-Saharan Africa? Misconceptions and Strategic Behaviors.
Forum for Health Economics and Policy (2013), 16(1), 1-39.

Political science

What Does the “Terrorist” Label Really Do? Measuring and Explaining the Effects of the “Terrorist” and “Islamist” Categories.
With Stéphane Baele, Thibaut Slingeneyer, and Grégoire Lits
Studies in Conflict & Terrorism (2017), forthcoming.

The Ethics of Security Research: An Ethics Framework for Contemporary Security Studies.
With Stéphane Baele, David Lewis, Anke Hoeffler, Sterck, and Thibaut Slingeneyer
International Studies Perspectives (2017), forthcoming.

Theorizing and Measuring Emotions in Conflict.
With Stéphane Baele and Elisabeth Meur
Journal of Conflict Resolution (2016), 60(4), 718-747.

Diagnosing the Securitisation of Immigration at the EU Level: A New Method for Stronger Empirical Claims.
With Stéphane Baele
Political Studies (2015), 63(5), 1120-1139.