I am the Lead Economist of the Refugee Economies Programme at the University of Oxford, affiliated with the Refugee Studies Centre (RSC), the Oxford Department of International Development (ODID), the Centre for the Study of African Economies (CSAE), and the department of economics.

Recent publications:

Cash Transfers and Migration: Theory and Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial, with Jules Gazeaud and Eric Mvukiyehe
Review of Economics and Statistics, forthcoming (ungated working paper here)

Empowering Refugees through Cash and Agriculture: A Regression Discontinuity Design
With Claire MacPherson
Journal of Development Economics (2021), 102614 (ungated working paper here)

Lives and livelihoods: estimates of the global mortality and poverty effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.
With Benoit Decerf, Fransisco Ferreira, and Daniel Mahler
World Development (2021), 146, 105561.

From Civil War to Electoral Violence. Evidence from Burundi.
With Andrea Colombo and Olivia D’Aoust
Economic Development and Cultural Change (2019), 67(2), 333-368.

Who Benefited from Burundi’s Demobilization Program?
With Olivia D’Aoust and Philip Verwimp
The World Bank Economic Review (2018), 32(2), 357-382.

Recent working papers:

With or Without Him? Experimental Evidence on Gender-Sensitive Cash Grants and Trainings in Tunisia, with Jules Gazeaud, Nausheen Khan, and Eric Mvukiyehe

Appointments: A More Effective Commitment Device for Health Behaviors, with Laura Derksen, Jason Kerwin, and Natalia Ordaz Reynoso.

Cash Transfers and Micro-Enterprise Performance: Theory and Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Kenya, with Antonia Delius

The Freedom to Choose: Theory and Quasi-Experimental Evidence on Cash Transfer Restrictions, with Jade Siu and Cory Rodgers

Stars, wars, and development (associated replication files, ado files) (note: this paper is an extended version of the working paper On the economic importance of the causes of long-run growth)

Is Chinese aid different?, with Anke Hoeffler, forthcoming in World Development (Replication files are here)